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Loaded-from-floppy drivers could allow testing with more driver versions. The BETA2 EPROMs contain scsidev 2.02c(15 Jan 1989). The v1.3 install disk driver is scsidev 1.1.6(16 July 1988). Are any other series-I-only drivers available online?

Obviously whether the user uses a patched ROM is irrelevant for hardware emulation. It might allow easier testing of non-FFS filesystems without needing mount files. But on the other hand, there's probably some problem/bug other than the explicit DosType check that would cause other filesystems to not work from RDB.

Other than curiosity, historical interest or wanting an emulated setup to match a real Amiga there probably isn't much point in the end user using these old GVP driver versions; v3.15 will work and presumably be less buggy. Although... filesystem developers might want to check the device name and not try to use HD_SCSICMD if on scsidev.device. Here are some findings about the 1.1.6 driver.

Hard-coded for 512-byte sectors.
Can only autoboot(/automount?) DOS\0 and DOS\1 partitions.

TD_FORMAT: If IO_OFFSET = 0 issue FORMAT UNIT command, else set IO_COMMAND to CMD_WRITE and proceed accordingly.

Command 27: Does something, not sure what.
Command 28: Might allow sending an arbitrary 6-byte SCSI command. This is probably not compatible with HD_SCSICMD.
Command 29: Issue START STOP UNIT with LoEj = 0, Start = 1
Command 30: Causes _reset_scsi() to be called. Resets SCSI bus or just single device?
Command 31: Issues REQUEST SENSE
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