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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Thanks Most of those are available on other platforms (PC DOS mainly), but it's a valid list of 1995 games to get on the Amiga. Both the Genesis and the SNES were replaced with newer systems (which worked out more or less well) in 1995/1996. However, I'm rather sure that most of those boring repetitive platform games sold a lot better in 1994 and onwards on consoles than the Amiga exclusive titles.
A few maybe, but the fact is, out of the 17 below, only 2 were on the pc before the amiga, yes some of the others came on the pc, but the Amiga was always about new original games, if successful they got ported to other platforms. Yes you could get GTA on xbox a couple of years after PS2, but why wait?

Sensible World Of Soccer - amiga first
Super Skidmarks - amiga first
Flight of the Amazon Queen - amiga first
Virocop - exclusive
Mortal Kombat II - arcade port
Colonization - pc port
Dungeon Master II - fm towns port
Odyssey - exclusive
All new world of Lemmings - released after pc
Pinball Illusions - amiga first
Gloom - exclusive
Worms - amiga first
Zeewolf 2 - exclusive
Shadow Fighter - exclusive
Xtreme Racing - exclusive
Flink - md port
ATR - exclusive

Anyway will stop in this thread, massively off topic now!
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