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Great thread...brings back memories of my first hard drive...a GVP scsi 40MB drive I paid $500 for... And that was considered "inexpensive" at the time...I got the drive a short while before C= released the Fast File System for hard drives--and man, I had to use FAT...Amiga FAT on my HD...!!! It was a train wreck--constantly serving up read/write errors...but...that all stopped very suddenly after formatting with FFS...! What a Godsend that was in those days...

C= was ~15+ years ahead of anyone else in those days...I was doing stuff with program modules that I *still* have trouble with today with Win8.1/10, much as I like Win10 currently...(Mainly for its backwards compatibility.) Such a pity that Mehdi Ali turned out to be so asinine...C= never really knew what it had...
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