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From my perspective, software companies really didn't do themselves any favours whatsoever.

They 'predicted' that the likes of the Megadrive and SNES would last until 1998 as profitable machines, so put more efforts into those machines..... needless to say, they died quite a bit sooner than that with the advent of the Playstation.

And i'm not quite sure how some of them got caught out either. Yes, Psygnosis were privvy to a lot of what was going on, but the software industry is the very worst place to try and keep a bloody secret!

Sure, Sony were pretty new to the hardware game, but I remember quite vividly, everyone and anyone who discussed doing Playstation stuff, couldn't be happier with the way Sony were helping them and treating them.

On the other hand, I lost count of the amount of times people complained that Sega were no help at all, that their various libraries to write effects and get the Saturn to do whatever it needed to do was woeful, one of the programmers from Gremlin rewrote a particular library for Slipstream 5000, and as a result, the Saturn version was the same as the Playstation version, but he received no help from Sega to achieve it.

This was also the advent of C++ programming. Take a PC title, and in a couple of days/weeks, have something up and running on a Playstation and Saturn, massively reducing development time.

Before that, it was ASM programming for different processors, different hardware, different musicians needed for different machines.

The Amiga was partly on the industries hitlist because it was never going to work as part of this new ethos of easier development.

The pretence that an Amiga game couldn't sell very well was destroyed by the likes of Mortal Kombat, which according to the programmer, he did very handsomely out of MK2.... in 1995.... on the Amiga!!!!

How many years did the likes of EA, Gremlin, Ocean, US Gold take to actually produce a REAL Amiga game?

Some might argue that EA really didn't get it right, Gremlin took a long time, in fact they all took their sweet time until the Atari ST died, and then there really was NO reason left to do an ST port, when the ST wasn't getting a version anyway.

Ok, so we're all enjoying the ST ports that the Amiga didn't get back in the day (oh the irony!), but back then, it REALLY wasn't much fun to boot up your Amiga version of something that originated on the ST and realise compromises had been made.

I've just done another ST conversion, it took me from start to finish, 2 HOURS to have the game fully up and running on the Amiga where I could play it, and I don't have the source code.

You can see how it was, they did the ST version first because it was the least capable, get a version running on that that was acceptable, and then once all the bugs were ironed out, knock out the Amiga version quickly, add a couple of bells and whistles if you're lucky and charge an extra £5 for it.

So for me, the biggest problem the Amiga had was always the influence of the Atari ST, because if that machine didn't exist or failed sooner, programmers would have been more keen to utilise the Amiga better and get more from it.

Personally speaking, the Amiga had a run of 10 years which not many machines get close to, so it did well, I just think we all realise that had Commodore been a little more savvy, the Amiga in some form could have either still be going as a machine in its own right, or lasted into the millenium.

And whilst I moan about the Atari ST doing more damage to the Amiga, I think had the Amiga been in Ataris hands, it would probably have been safer, certainly the A1200 would have been more Falcon like with a DSP and that really could have been something.

Great software sells, but if you're phoning your shit in, don't be surprised when people aint buying it.
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