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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Driver also refused to boot PFS3 partition (all partitions appeared in early startup) and for some reason it executes WD reset command all the time when idle. Probably best to get non-beta ROM first.
You could try running without the boot ROM and load the driver from SYS:Expansion with BindDrivers. But maybe the old ROMs only supported OFS & FFS booting, nothing else.

DMS file is linked from the page. Luckily/interestingly, the Expansion/scsidev driver on that disk has symbol hunks making disassembly a lot easier...

Edit: this code extract checks specifically for the DOS\1 DosType. Should be easy to patch out.
_add_filsys	LINK.W	A5,#-8
	PEA	(addfilsys.MSG,PC)
	JSR	(_KPrintF,PC)
	MOVE.L	(12,A5),-(SP)
	JSR	(_getenvec,PC)
	MOVE.L	D0,(-8,A5)
	MOVEA.L	(-8,A5),A0
	CMPI.L	#11,(A0)
	BLS.W	.Return

	MOVEA.L	(-8,A5),A0
	CMPI.L	#$444F5301,($40,A0)	;DOS\1
	BNE.W	.Return

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