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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Hate to say it but the Amiga had far more issues with software incompatibility than any PC. Before whdload if you had anything other than a 68000 or 68010 and you wanted to play a game you were unlikely to be successful.
I don't think so! I'm talking about the 95% of Amiga's sold i.e the budget range, if a game had A500/A1200 or whatever compatibility sticker on the front then it would work on those machines, you can't go expecting a 1986 game to work on an A4000 with no problems (it wouldn't of course be on the box that it would) It the machine you owned wasn't on the cover then you wouldn't buy the game.
That's not the point I'm making, the point is i buy games for my PC that cover the minimum spec, os, ram, dx etc and the game still doesn't work, even with patches, you just don't get that on any other system other than PC's (maybe Mac's too i don't know about that), it's pretty disgusting when you buy a retail game and it doesn't work (yes i've owned and built PC's since 1997) so i do know what i'm doing) you can't get your money back, because the product isn't faulty.

@MrBeanbag - i didn't mean backwards compatibility, if a game had a A1200 sticker on it then it would work on an A1200.
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