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First of all, thank you to everyone for the warm welcome! IT's so good to see so many people still have an interest in the Amiga. My partner never knew of the Amiga, she has now been brought up to speed, seen commodores world premier of the Amiga, seen what it could do, and is totally dumbfounded that Commodore made such a mess of it all. She agrees that it was vastly better then the PC and the Mac, and thinks that those in charge of commodore were a little
Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Welcome along! They do always say that once you've caught the Amiga bug, you can never shake it

I have lots of relatives in Tasmania, mostly in Hobart and Devonport. It's not really somewhere usually associated with Amiga users!
Hahaha too true. I never really lost the Amiga bug, I only stopped using my A4000 because the monitor I was using with it stopped working (it was a NEC multi-sync that was able to display 640x480 without the terrible flickering that usually went hand-in-hand unless you had a graphics card or flicker fixer, but it could also display the 15khz modes no trouble) and I couldn't afford to replace it, also I needed a new mouse, but didn't know anywhere I could get one. And yes, I regret selling that A4K.

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As for emulators, I had Amithlon working on an old 1GHz PC several years ago, the performance putting my 40MHz A1200 to shame. Unfortunately that PC has failed (mobo) and I haven't been able to get Amithlon working on any other PC boxes or laptops I've bought ever since (unlike my A1200, still going strong for decades, and getting used on a daily basis for emails and abit of web browsing). I don't think Amithlon is supported any more (I haven't looked into it for at least a couple of years) but from memory had a strong user-base with a lot of discussion on various supported/compatible PC configurations.

Good luck with your emulating and I'll probably do the same when my kids get abit older (although it might be hard to drag them away from their Leap Pads and iPads when they get older, too!)

edit: Oh look, another Sydney user (@Voyager)
Hmm, Amithlon, I had forgot about that, I remember reading a bit about that years ago, will have to see what google can find for me, thanks!

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The more Aussies on here, the better.

Welcome matey. I'm from Melbs.
It has been a welcome surprise to find so many Aussies here! I used to be in Melbourne, I only moved to Tassie nearly 2 years ago.

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Welcome to EAB.

Woow, you're from the same place my fav toon character comes from.... interesting...

Hahahaha I have him on my car!

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