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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Hate to say it but the Amiga had far more issues with software incompatibility than any PC. Before whdload if you had anything other than a 68000 or 68010 and you wanted to play a game you were unlikely to be successful.
With relokick and disabled CPU caches I would say about a half of my collection worked without glitches. So I would agree with you for the most part.

The thread title is a little sweeping: "Did piracy kill the Amiga?" No obviously not. It's a bit much to suggest piracy has destroyed the sales of any machine. (Although the Sega Dreamcast would make for a more interesting debate on that question.)

"Did piracy damage livelihoods, reduce motivation to develop for the platform, and encourage developers to go elsewhere?" Yes, I think it did.
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