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the A600 was a mistake... not that it was a bad machine per se, but the timing of its release didn't make any sense. That should have been the A500plus. It wasn't just pointless to release it with AGA coming up in the rear, it was positively harmful for A1200 sales. Anyone who just bought an A600 would be rightly pissed off that they could have kept their money to spend on something so much better. Which is also i think partly why so few people bothered to make AGA games.

Either A600 should have been released much earlier or it should have been AGA machine. A1200 motherboard easily fits in A600 case anyway if it weren't for the joystick ports which are easily relocatable.

There was no thought to upgrade paths or even interoperability. They didn't implement any standards so you couldn't just buy any standard RAM upgrade, and not only that but each model had different expansion ports so 3rd parties had to produce different ranges for A500, A600, A1200 &c, no wonder they were so expensive.

At least A4000T had AT-compliant motherboard. (Sadly not ATX.) But why A600 and A1200 motherboards are not interchangeable, you'd think it would have saved them money. There was no joined-up thinking.

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
As the Amiga was put into the 'games console' arena the majority of games only really needed a 68000/1MB ram to run sufficiently.
Well, quite. Most of the people i knew who had Amigas only got them to play games, they had no loyalty to them (not like us weirdos), so as soon as PCs started having impressive titles like Quake nobody was going to hang around with our outdated hardware, the number of Amigas that must have just been chucked in the bin makes my toes curl to think about it.

In console terms, i think the Amiga had quite a good run.

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