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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Exactly, if Commodore wasn't such a skinflint they should've put a 030 with at least 2MB Chip + 4MB Fast in the A1200!

By comparison, the 600 should've had a 020 (EC020, like the A1200) and the A4000 should've been available in 040 and 060 flavours, instead of 030 and 060!

The 060 was the only real competitor to the Pentium and could've made the Amiga way more desiderable for workstation/office use. Obviously the 060 should've trickled down to the consumer models (A1800? ) after 1-2 years for it to stay competitive.
I think a lot of your (nice) wishlist was probably more down to cost. As the Amiga was put into the 'games console' arena the majority of games only really needed a 68000/1MB ram to run sufficiently.

Just look at the cost of storage over the years... I'm sure CPU/RAM prices were just as pricy back then.

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