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IDE stuff will be implemented soon (AlfaPower/AT-BUS already done), it is usually very easy.

I also implemented low level scsi emulation, Apollo SCSI now works. But Apollo IDE (and IDE+SCSI combo) boot ROM is still missing (Apollo AT500/AT2000 IDE and 500/2000 IDE+SCSI combo cards), all available ROMs appear to be dumped from Apollo accelerator boards and they don't have full IDE driver. (It has some parts remaining, like drive detection for some reason but main part is not included)

GVP "BETA2" EPROMs. Also bought on eBay. I think these are for the old GVP 68030 cards which had an on-board IDE controller, so not usable with WinUAE currently. Odd/even chips, but I created a combined image and included that too.
At least this can't be for GVP A3001, it has IDE but device name is gvpat.device and ROM contents are very different. This rom's device name is scsidev.device. (Some very old GVP SCSI controller?)
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