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That's a nice first post, Weeto.

Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
I watched Bits alot.

The three ladies were:

Aleks Krotofski (the one with glasses)
Emily Booth (one with pig-tails alot of the time)
Emily Newton-Dunn (the other one)
Four then! Three in a programme! There was a blonde presenter in the first series.

Not having seen an episode since that time, I couldn't recall her name but a search says Claudia Trimde. She's rarely mentioned in cast lists and I don't think I've ever seen her included in discussions on Bits over the years. I'm guessing that Emily Booth arrived for Series 2 to create the final line-up that everyone remembers.

Oh and Steve, you must know the wrong people! I mean, who can't remember Vids and late-night TV?!
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