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Originally Posted by hukka View Post
You're right, simply copying the files from the ADF onto the hard drive is sufficient! The reason I said it won't run from HD is because... the last time I tested on a real Amiga, it didn't. That was with the penultimate build, after which I only modified some text strings in the code. The crashing was verified by another person, too. I must've made some change in the last build that fixed whatever was causing the game to crash when running from WB before.

I figure I should now re-enable the Quit feature in the game so one can actually exit back to Workbench as well

Ah, great! Haven't tested it myself yet but will do soon, it's looking really cool. Presumably it'll run from a CD or a RAM/RAD Drive?

I was just thinking of looking at doing a "CD32 combo pack" with this game and the recent port of Solomon's Key 1 to Amiga (Atari ST version) for, would that be alright with you?
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