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Smile Hi from Tasmania, Australia

Hi everybody.

I used to be quite an Avid user of my Amiga computers, and have owned the following:
  • A500 (KS 1.3, 512K trapdoor, 4Mb Fast RAM), external DD Floppy.
  • A600 (no HD, 100% stock)
  • A1200HD/40 (DKB 1202, 4Mb Fast RAM, 16MHz 68882), later upgraded 200Mb drive
  • A2000
  • A4000/040
  • CD32

Sadly, silly me sold or gave away all these machines many years ago now (the last one was in I think 2008, the A4K)

Now I want to show the kids how computers SHOULD be, and how they used to be, introduce them to the joys that the Amiga brought me.

Thankfully, Amiga Forever, combined with other resources on the internet, such as this one, have made it possible.

I'm not really talking about games, as for the most part, I used my amigas for things like Deluxe Paint, Personal Paint, Photogenics, Imagine, ImageFX, and many other joys.

But sadly, I have forgotten so very much, I can remember some of the basics, but coming back to Dpaint and Ppaint after all these years, to name a few, has shocked me as to how little I can remember how to do.

Some other programs, I never got beyond the very basics back in the day, such as OctaMED and Deluxe Music.

So if anyone could help with pointing me in the direction of any tutorials online (doesn't matter what for, as long as it's for the Amiga version), so we can get back up to speed, that would be very much appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should get, as well as emulators to use and settings for within the emulators, that would be very much appreciated too. I'm emulating on a Windows PC (AMD Phenom II 955, 8Gb RAM, 512Mb nVidia 9600GT, etc), obviously I have WinUAE 3.0, I also have FS-USE and Amiga Forever.

Seeing the kids enjoying programs such as Photogenics and Deluxe Music is fantastic, and really makes me sad that things turned out the way they have... And it really reminds me how much I miss the days when computers were fun...
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