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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Have we realy got to watch our step so much after smurf rescue?
You do see ports for 8bit machines etc and I think this is part of a healthy retro scene
I dont like name calling but some quere added a comment to a my you tube video of mario graphics stollen from nintendo reported - so what! is person going to report every retro conversion?!???
I know, I know - If I hadn't thrown caution to the wind I wouldn't have gone 2 years before getting to this. Capcom are still going strong and I'm just taking a precaution. I'm also under the impression that they would have little or no interest - but I'm putting a lot on the line for what?

Originally Posted by Nekoniaow View Post
If you still want to contact them I can probably ping some of my friends who negotiated contracts with publishers and licensers, some of them are bound to have been in contact with Capcom at one point or another. These guys would certainly be able to point out to the proper entry points.

This said, I would think that Capcom would either want a full legal license or a clear "not associated with Capcom in any way" message clearly visible.
That would be great =). I'm fine with a 'not associated with Capcom in any way'.
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