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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Hi Jens,
does that mean that you'll artificially lock features of the card (like the amount of memory) on purpose and then let them be unlocked by buying a code, Intel-style?
Yes, the hardware "is there", but can't access all memory or can't exceed the clock that you've paid for. Reason is that these 16MHz CPUs may not all run at higher speeds (although a large part does), and it may take a few hours until an instability can be seen.

I can't possibly test all CPUs for overclocking-capability, so I have implemented a way to unlock and re-lock the overclocking feature: If it doesn't work for you or you don't like it for any other reason, I can give you a refund. Developing this refund-method was a necessity for overclocking, but it also works for the memory upgrade(s).

The ACA1221 is a test of this new model - I'm selling the basic version with no margin, and only make money on the upgrades. The ACA1221EC always comes fully-featured. Should the new model work out, I will also apply it to other products. It certainly increases quantities for "same version produced" and reduces stock-keeping effort, because it's "one version fits all" from a hardware side.

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