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Originally Posted by Pavel View Post
Thank's Jens - I'll give It a try.
Which ACA card would you recommend for best compatibility and speed/RAM?
Speed-wise, the ACA1233 with 40MHz is the fastest you can get. It will give you 127MBytes fastmem and 1MByte Maprom option, which is fully supported by the ACA500 ROM.

If you can get a used ACA1232 of any speed, you'll get the same amount of RAM as the ACA1233 - these cards are *very* similar.

The ACA1220 (any speed) is also guaranteed to work. However, it's not made any more, and you may have a hard time finding one.

I have two lower-cost cards in the works, one called ACA1221 and the other called ACA1221EC. The latter uses a 68EC020-25 CPU clocked at 28,38MHz and comes with 9MByte Fastmem plus 1MByte Maprom option. It will sell for 109,90 EUR.

The ACA1221 uses a 68020-16 processor, clocked at 17MHz by default. Default memory is 9MBytes. You can buy faster speeds (overclocking) and up to 63Mbytes RAM for this card. The basic card with 17MHz and 9MByte will sell for 79,90 EUR, and upgrade fees for more memory, more speed and Maprom option will sell for as low as 5,- EUR per feature (upgrades can be installed through the internet).

Both ACA1221 cards have an optimized Chipram interface that's considerably faster than the Chipram interface that the ACA1220 had, which will help getting rid of the nasty "Turrican slowdowns". You even have the option to clock them syncronously to the 14MHz clock of the A1200 for the full 7MBytes/s performance on chipram. This may or may not work on the ACA500 - it depends on the A500 it's connected to, and is therefore not guaranteed.

These "small" cards finally cover what so many ACA500 users have been asking for: A low-cost memory upgrade, so the preload function of WHDload can be used for all games.

The ACA1233-40 is pretty low-stock, and I've raised the price to 199,90 EUR in order to slow down sales. I don't have any source for new+fast 68030 CPUs (apart from aviation/military sources where every CPU is almost 300 USD), so these will probably be the last ones of their kind.

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