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Originally Posted by Pavel View Post
Just got my ACA500 yesterday and I can't get It to work with my ACA1230 from 2010, or rather everything looks ok, but when I'm in workbench the additional 64mb ram is not there, only 1,5mb so I can't run any whdload games. Does anyone recognize this issue?
Any test setup that I've tried with one of the three ACA1230 versions was unstable. I therefore stopped testing, as this instability will also occur at the customer's site.

The ACA1230 can't be fully supported (stability-wise), because it's a syncronous design. Maybe Toni will take a look at adding the memory, but to be honest, I think it's good the way it is right now, because it clearly says "unsupported". If a new software release adds the memory, people may think that this is a guaranteed-to-work setup, which it can never be.

If you want to run it anyway, you do so at your own risk, and you have been warned that it may crash at any time. Try closing the Kick3.0 jumper to have $00c0.0000 memory from the start, and try addmem from $0800.0000 to $0bdf.ffff - this should add 62M RAM to your fastmem pool. Don't go any further with the upper boundary, as there's a mirror of the $00c0.0000 fastmem in the next 1MByte, and the last 1MByte is the Maprom area.

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