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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Smurf Rescue was actually released on 31st December.

Wonder why Moebius Goatlizard DX isn't on the list? (Centron 3D does actually exist for the avoidance of doubt) And a game called SS VoidBlast on Aminet isn't there either.
Moebius Goatlizard 1.0 was published in 2013 and was in the 2013 competition. An update 1.1 was published in 2014, so it can't enter the 2014's competition.

It would be good if everything eligible was on the list rather than missing anything out. Likewise actually voting for games on merit rather than out of sympathy as with Smurf Rescue (no disrespect to Hipoonios intended there incidentally) would probably be a good idea.
You're right, it's a good idea but for the moment, I prefer a "short list" with only "interesting games" (without beta versions, proof of concept games, too short games, etc). If you look at Aminet, you can find lots of the mind games created by Charles Jacob (much respect to him), but are they good enough to enter the competition? Same for VoidBlast, too low quality for me. But next year, perhaps I will add more/all games.

Earok: Did it come from the desert? has been added (it was on the pre-list but I forgot to add it, sorry)

spud: all 2014 can enter the competition but no beta versions, demos, and games already listed in a previous year. I also deleted "too low quality games". It's subjective but it may change next year.

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