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Originally Posted by Psygore View Post
Yes, it includes the 64k aligned ram, like the cd.device does.

It seems it only works with at least 4 sector slots and it's a bit slower when loading the game. And maybe it could have some issues on real hardware (motherboard rev 3.0, 4.1) ?
It has to work on real hardware because Lotus Trilogy Lotus III loads data to low part of 64k buffer and game won't work if loader also uses same buffer for CD DMA. Hardware always selects highest enabled and free slot when it looks for next buffer slot so if software is fast enough in decoding buffers, only few highest slots are actually used by the hardware.

Just make sure there is not too many overflow interrupts (all enabled buffers have been loaded and software didn't free any of them before new track comes), overflow requires restarting load command and I have no idea how long it takes for real hardware to re-seek.
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