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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
I watched Bits alot.

The three ladies were:

Aleks Krotofski (the one with glasses)
Emily Booth (one with pig-tails alot of the time)
Emily Newton-Dunn (the other one)

I don't have any episodes as far as I remember. Although they were true gamers, they did spend quite a bit of time messing about infront of the camera. I won't mention that Emily Booth used to have a website, that I once bid on her underwear or that she has done a few adult films.

As for Amiga, I don't recall anything Amiga-related on the show as they primarily focused on the games consoles.
It was part of a late night selection of shows called "4 Later" IIRC, "Vids" was another good show from that lineup... No one else seems to remember it.

I think it was probably on around '97-'98, I'd also be surprised if they covered anything Amiga... You might be able to find some episodes on Dailymotion.
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