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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Aca version is an updated version of the original kickstart 3.1 scsi.device.
As kolla said, what does it actually means? I figured it's updated, original being 40.12 and this one 52.500. Problem is that I haven't found any info on it so I'm not sure if it supports large drives the way patched ones do.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
You can't attach harddisks to ACA500. It supports two CF cards, and an educated guess is that you will have to use SFS or PFS to go beyond the WB 3.1 size limit of 4GB (per card), and that PC-formatted cards may support up to 128GB each, above that the OS is the limit and you must use WB 3.9. If you don't want to change your setup, you can partition your current card to use only 4GB of 8GB, and add a second 4GB card to get 8GB total.
Yes, I know, although I doubt this scsi.device is only for CFs, that's why I wrote HDDs/CFs. I use PFS3 with all my Amigas so that shouldn't be the problem. My usual setup is around 400MB for system partition and rest is for file storage and WHDLoad games. Worked without a glitch in my A600, A1200 and A500 with kipper2k's 8MB CF board, but on them I used loadmodule to load patched scsi.device 44.20 which I can't do with ACA500 because it errors out on when it tries loadmodule v44.20. To get around that I had to modify startup-sequence to check if version of scsi.device starts with 52 and if it does it skips loadmodule, and if it doesn't (like if I connect it to WinUAE via USB to copy new files) it loads patched scsi.device so I can still use full size.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
It means that the device driver does not have the old limitations of KS3.1 so you can use easily CF cards over 4gb.

Its also faster, up to 3.2mb/sec with an ACA12xx attached.

You still need an updated file system to overcome some of the limitations of OS3.1 there is a long thread on the subject if you feel like reading it. Search for CF and Large Disk FAQ.
Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It means that three major patches have been applied:

- NSD commands supported
- TD64 commands supported
- LBA48 limit doesn't apply any more

This will make the device compatible with pretty much any size CF card that we'll see in the next few decades. The version number has been chosen to be over 50 in order to keep any patch-routine from touching it. Seems like the patch(er) used by Solo761 is violating that spec: It patched *back* to a lower version, which is a bad idea by default.
Thanks, that's what I wanted to know . It won't have problems with bigger CF cards.

I'm using CWB and it uses loadmodule to load scsi.device that's inside devs folder. I have to use it when I prep CF cards with WinUAE. It didn't manage to load 44.20 it errors out when it tries but I guess it also aborts startup-sequence if that happens. So except aborted WorkBench load nothing harmfull was done .

I worked around that by editing startup sequence from

IF EXISTS DEVS:scsi.device
  C:LoadModule DEVS:scsi.device

version >nil: scsi.device 52
IF warn
  IF EXISTS DEVS:scsi.device
    C:LoadModule DEVS:scsi.device
So now when I connect it to WinUAE it loads v44.20, and when it's connected to ACA500 it skips loading it. I just hope there aren't going to be side effects from occasionally using different version scsi.device :/.
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