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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Unless you add new content I imagine your sales will be poor.

Amiga gamers will have already played the game and if the game had a high score you can bet it will be on one of the "free" unofficial CD32 compilations floating around

To get sales, for a previously published game, it is my opinion that you would need to add content. New levels and maybe CDDA music (perhaps done by the original musician).

Not sure CDXL videos would grab anyone's imagination?

If they wanted to know about sales before committing time and funds do a Kickstarter (or equivalent)
Well, sorry but Alexh is much right in this topic, most cd32 games are like "copy all data from floppy on cd" and maybe add pad support/cd audio tracks or not (with "not" was the most popular option in 94's). That's not enough for someone who already have floppy version with same content (and whd version nowdays).
If game would be heavy fixed to use cd32 hardware that would be other story, even if there isn't much people who own real cd32 - You can use winuae and disk image (is it possible to boot real cd in emulated cd32?).
I might be little freak, cause I love to play amiga games with pad support and cd tracks - I would be even interested in paying for new/remastered game.

If I have to describe perfect cd32 game:
- more content - like more levels made only for cd version (Oscar wasn't perfect but have it, Brian the lion/Zool2 do it even better)
- both sound effects and cd music, maybe more voice acting (that's what akiko could do - Bubba'n'Stix do that)
- pad support - it's more comfortable (I was never good in Fight'n'Spirit but with pad I find to more enjoy it)
- additional intro/outro/cut-scenes between levels - there's lot of space on cd to fill with something (I only hope it won't be home-made quality 3d animations - on other hand Immposible Mission, Super Stardust is best example of high quality)
- extra stuff, like game manual in menu, passoword system, test menu for music, in-game gallery with design concept-art, promotional-art, early development shoots and information about game or "how to play" (for example Chaos Engine, Ulitimate Body Blows)
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