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i've known it for quite some years now. what a shame this machine was never sold outside of Japan. it's the best computer based on the M68000 ever built, IMO, and - by arrest - one of the best 16bit computers ever.

it has a good library of games (though not nearly as large as the Amiga's, but it has some interesting PD/indy games that are very good) and some arcade conversions that are spot-on (like Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition, Final Fight, Akumajo Dracula, Garou Densetsu 1 & 2, Death Brade, etc).

it has a few games also available for the Amiga and other 16bit systems such as Bomberman (Dyna Blaster), Super Hang-On, Prince of Persia (graphically very different), The New Zealand Story, Lemmings, Xenon 2, etc.

some of the best PD/Indy games i spoke of would be, IMO: Buster, Cho Ren Sha, Cha Cha Cha, Ora Shoot, Otoko Dama, etc.

it has some native NES conversions such as: Super Mario World, Excite Bike, Twin Bee, etc.

i use XM6 and WinX68kHighSpeed as my favoured emulators.

conversion of some of these games to the Amiga (though probably AGA and M68020+ only) would be great.

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