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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
What does "an updated version of the original kickstart 3.1 scsi.decive" even mean?
It means that three major patches have been applied:

- NSD commands supported
- TD64 commands supported
- LBA48 limit doesn't apply any more

This will make the device compatible with pretty much any size CF card that we'll see in the next few decades. The version number has been chosen to be over 50 in order to keep any patch-routine from touching it. Seems like the patch(er) used by Solo761 is violating that spec: It patched *back* to a lower version, which is a bad idea by default.

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Is FastFileSystem updated too?
Nope, FFS is used "as-is". If you want a patched version of your favourite filesystem, you can write it to the RDB of your CF card, which will make it usable from a cold-boot. Note that this is a function of Kickstart 2.0 and higher: Filesystems can be loaded from RDB. Not sure if this was also the case on Kick1.3 - someone else may be able to answer this.
Note that this is a function of the Amiga OS. I'd like to claim it for the ACA500, but that would be false marketing. The Amiga is just a good computer ;-)

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