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Toccata setup WORKING

Hi there. I have checked my setup again and it is working fine. AHI Prefs is playing test sound randomly as you said. The needed package is m68k-amigaos-ahidrv.lha. Needed files from it are:, (AHI) and TOCCATA (AudioModes) that goes to devs. The last one is toccata.library (toclib12.lha or and goes to libs. The reset is recommended. I have setup AHI Prefs to Toccata, then TuneNet (set Audio Mode / AHI Mode to Toccata), downloaded mpega.library automaticaly and it is playing mp3s fine. Thanks!
PS. Don't forget to tick Toccata Z2 sound card emulation in Expansions of WinUAE before.
I wonder, what are differences between Toccata: HIFI 16bit and Unit 0: HIFI 16bit in sound production generally...

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