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Guys, I'd advise you check this out...

Links there to lots of video codecs like Huffy, Mjpeg, etc.
You need a lot of space to use Huffy,(I understand Mjpeg to be less so, though I've never used it personally)
I thought the only 2Gb type barriers that existed occured with FAT32 limitations-as far as I know NTFS would have no such limitations.

VirtualDub does have a workaround for the 2Gb Fat32 limitation by doing a multisegmented capture,although a better example of that for Windows 98 IMO is another util called AVI_IO. Although VirtualDub makes for good editing, use it & TmpGenc for encoding to mpeg. Still, thats more to do with video capturing stuff than strictly speaking answering your WinUAE issues.

You should find out more info about the different video codecs at DVDrhelp (formerly known as
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