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Originally Posted by colourwheel64 View Post
It isn't as if they were that young.

Hipoonios is 36 and Galahad must have been aged between 19-21 twenty years ago.

If he's a nice bloke these days then I genuinely do sympathise, but he didn't come across that way in his post earlier, and it's very difficult to look beyond a person's tainted past. Especially one on the scale of Fairlight.
we have 2015 now. Let the dead stay in the graves please. You do not like Galahad because of his past? Ok that is ok. But really I do not think that people here really care about it today.

And BTW we have partly really stupid laws, or to say it better, law firm friendly. Hipoonios should take a attorney himself and we cannot give any real advices because laws are different from country to country and noone is attorney here either. That is all.
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