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Originally Posted by colourwheel64 View Post
I'm doing pretty well considering being in the company of the likes of you, Galahad of Fairlight.

Fairlight were a group of software pirates in the 90s for those that don't know.

They basically rewrote the bootblock of a game to show their logo, make it easy to copy by removing the copy-protection and then spread the copied discs internationally.

"Welcome to another Fairlight presentation!" Along with some blippy music and a spinny shape.

But the real programmers were the ones that wrote the games, and it was them that lost out with Fairlight spreading games for free.

There's another old saying, "Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones."

You pretend to be sticking up the the little man, but the reality is that you're a big part of why people describe the Amiga as dead.

I appreciate what you did to help the release of Putty Squad last year, but a few good deeds don't make up for a life of crime.

If you think piracy killed the amiga you have no clue
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