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Originally Posted by colourwheel64 View Post
On what planet does breaking the law make you qualified to speak on the subject?

I never intended all my posts to end up here.

I just wanted people to know what to do to avoid Hipoonios situation, and help Hipoonios out too.

Shame anything sensible gets drowned in these forums as Beanbag proved with their piracy themed thread links.

There are plenty of people that bought their Amiga games and didn't get involved in piracy.
most were kids at that time with not much money. That is no excuse it is still "stealing" if you use a copy of a game and it would have been better if more people would have bought the games they liked instead of expecting to get everything free. I think everyone at that time had copyies. But that is a different discussion.

Hipoonios should go to a attorney asap and get some information about the legal situation.
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