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Originally Posted by colourwheel64 View Post
Do we all know?

They bribed a train driver to deliver vast quantities of games from a games shop where one member of the group worked to a base on the West coast of Sweden so that they could attach their boot-block and pirate the games as they were released.

It was a huge criminal operation.

You don't just palm something like that off as mud-slinging.

It's relevant to this thread!
Is it? Only your opinion is relevant or correct?

Using graphics or characters or brands (or anything else) that are owned by others is not legal and they have the right to request removal of it. The kind the law firm is acting (sending email with only short time to react) sounds at least doubtful to me, he should go to a attorney and ask for opinion. What we all think (or not) is irrelevant anyway.

Your postings (after not posting at all) sound hateful. Copying of software certainly was (next to others) one of the reason why amiga went under. But that is not the topic here nor what Galahad did 20 years ago. Today the platform is commercially dead and I assume that you do not active support it anymore. Today all are just "amiga fans" including those that cracked software a long time ago. So do not start a crusade here, I do not think that people will like it.
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