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AMIGASYSTEM 30 March 2018 01:09

LoadModule Released

LoadModule installs so called "resident modules" in a reset-proof way, possibly replacing ROM modules by disk-based modules, similar to what SetPatch and its "ROM-Updates" mechanism does. "Resident modules" are loadable binaries containing a special structure telling the Os how to initialize them and what to perform on initialization - Amiga libraries and devices are the canonical example of these modules, the "ram-handler" is another. "LoadModule" can be used to install these resident modules in a reset proof way such that they are available immediately at system bootstrap time. This is desired whenever a module is required for booting, as for example some of modules in the Amiga-Os ROM-Updates. "LoadModule" can therefore be used as a more canonical form of the ROM-Updates since it does not require an undocumented file format - modules have to be provided as loadable disk based binaries in their most canonical form, and can be kept in their canonical location. For example, the V45 "console.device" could be kept in DEVS: similar to all other devices. "LoadModule" can be used as well to replace the ROM-based icon and workbench.libraries by their disk-based 3.5 and 3.9 replacments, or to make modules reset-proof that are typically disk-based, for example the diskfont.library or the mmu.library.

New in V45:

Can also load the 3.9 exec.library, and can upgrade the ROM fully automatically from disk. See below for details. For a quick start, just run "ExtractModule" without any arguments on an Os 3.9 system. This will place all modules of the ROM Updates in the right places, and LoadModule AUTOwill pick them up correctly.

LoadModule v45.15: Download

AMIGASYSTEM 19 April 2018 12:13

LoadModule v45.14.1 updating

AMIGASYSTEM 01 May 2018 06:20

LoadModule v45.15 updating

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