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Magic 10 February 2018 22:12

One more chance for Amy-ITX
It looks like you can register your interest for one more chance to buy an Amy-ITX motherboard. There is also an 030 board with fast IDE and an Ethernet card.


Mick 10 February 2018 23:23

On page two when it asks for address is that email or delivery address? I'd assume they wouldn't need delivery address until the payment stage but as you put email address in on page one I'm not sure? when I did it earlier I just stuck my email address in there but I'm in two minds now and don't want to miss out for filling in the form wrong. :bash

Magic 10 February 2018 23:29

I gave them both my email and street addresses. I did get a confirmation email right away. I am not sure which is correct either now that you mention it?

Mick 10 February 2018 23:37

Yeah I got the confirmation email I'll just wait and see what happens, if I miss out because of it I'll just cry in the corner.

Locash 21 February 2018 20:33

I have applied, hopefully make the list. Went for the full bundle, Seems like a great oppotunity to treat myself to a new SMD rework station to assemble it with.

Mick 25 February 2018 13:26

They've now ended applications. The way they've wrote the news update sounds a bit intriguing though? "Under the current circumstances".

Locash 25 February 2018 14:43

Pure speculation on my part, it might just mean there was a large take up on the sign ups and they hit the number of kits they wanted to make early.

jarp 03 March 2018 20:48

"Everyone who declared interest in Amy-ITX will receive details on how to confirm your order."

Did anyone get these details though? I hope I was not too late...

Mick 05 March 2018 02:04

I've not heard anything but it sounds like they'll make the order first and then chase up the people who registered when they have the goods?

"The process will be similar as the last time.. You simply declare interest by entering your details on the link below. This is most lightly the last batch produced by us. The signup process will be open for 4 weeks, starting today! After four weeks we will place the order and you will be contacted with payment details."

AmigaEd 05 March 2018 04:17

So does this mean that they ended earlier than planned? It looks like they started on February 9th and ended it on February 25th. That has got to be the shortest 4 weeks ever!

Codetsu 06 March 2018 20:11

if fill the form but newer get mail back :(

Mick 15 March 2018 13:54

They posted an update yesterday basically saying to be patient. If you didn't get an automated message after filling the form in I'd contact them personally.

Mick 22 May 2018 13:39

I got an email update earlier saying that I'm on the list but to be patient, they're fulfilling orders for those who wanted all 4 items first. It sounds like they've been absolutely swamped by high demand.

rlake 06 June 2018 07:58

+1 for patient? I've had all 4 boards in my possession for close to a couple of weeks now and just waiting on the last few parts to arrive... and decent soldering equipment, I fear a little too adventurous for hand soldering fwiw so a good opportunity to upgrade and hone skills in the meantime!

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