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stainy 18 January 2018 15:49

The Commodore Story ( Netflix Feb )

Interesting :)

Akira 18 January 2018 17:12

Thanks for the heads up! Will have to take a look.
I have a feeling though, that all the ground has been covered, and all these always portray a rose-tinted glasses view at the whole thing. Would love to see something different for once.

TjLaZer 20 January 2018 22:07

Thanks for the post! Will be watching it for sure.

cmsj 24 January 2018 01:46

I was lucky enough to get to see the premiere of this in London last year (thanks TrevorD for giving his producer tickets away!) and I really enjoyed it, some great interviews.

Also it was fantastic to have an all-too-brief chat with David Pleasance :)

DamienD 24 January 2018 02:00

Where the hell was mine or CodyJ's invite; we both live in London!!! :lol

Higgy 24 January 2018 10:36

From memory I think is included as a perk along with David Pleasance Kickstarter book.

cmsj 29 January 2018 23:09


Originally Posted by DamienD (Post 1214288)
Where the hell was mine or CodyJ's invite; we both live in London!!! :lol

I think he just posted on Twitter that he had some tickets. I'm also in London, so it was a pretty easy trip, but there were some guys there from Holland who were in the film!

DDNI 29 January 2018 23:19

Yup I got a ticket from TrevorD too. I travelled from Belfast.
Movie was unfinished and a bit rough in places. The narrative wasn't totally cohesive yet.
Steven Croucher described it as a screener only.

SquawkBox 26 July 2018 10:09

This fine documentary can be downloaded from the interwebs in its final form. I mean bought for a few bucks
and downloaded from the official web site, don't get me wrong :rolleyes .
Here is the trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz-ptLXtNbc

I for one never get tired of hearing R.J. Mical stories about the good old days. Furthermore, Sam Tramiel
retelling of his father investments and accomplishments (both on a personal and on a managerial level)
should not be missed.

TjLaZer 26 July 2018 21:46

Still waiting for Netflix to get it. Will it ever happen?

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