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Shatterhand 28 December 2017 22:15

Roadtrip - New amiga game by Raliza Software
Since around September I had been working in a new multiplayer game for Amiga. This time around I wanted to have good graphics so I asked a friend to draw them. I really wanted to release the game in 2017, the game coding is done but still waiting for the graphics to be finished.

So, as I really wanted to release another game before 2017 ended, I quickly made this new game


I begun working on it 12 days ago, just finished putting all together.

So, here it is:


It requires 1Mb of ram (At least 512kb Chip Ram, the other 512kb may be of any kind). On Winuae it needs *Cycle Exact* option enabled and Full ECS. With OCS the game gets a few graphical glitches but it seems to be playable, I dunno if this would happen on a real machine too (I only have ECS machines to test)

I got the music from the Modarchive site... if anyone knows the author of this mod file please let me know, I'd like to give credits (or, I dunno, even remove the music if he doesn't want it on my game)

The graphics obviously aren't very good as I can't draw for shit, but I think it looks a bit better than my previous game, Quasarius :)

Have fun, hope you guys enjoy the game. If you find any bugs or glitches let me know, I spent the whole day today testing it, but something may have slipped.


Predseda 28 December 2017 22:58

:great I will try it for sure. I love all the new games, no matter how good or bad are they.

happymondays 29 December 2017 00:53

Great, thank you. :great

Shatterhand 29 December 2017 01:26

Should I have posted this on the NEWS forum? Can someone move it to there, or maybe I should make another post for it? I'm not sure.

DamienD 29 December 2017 01:41


Originally Posted by Shatterhand (Post 1208396)
Should I have posted this on the NEWS forum? Can someone move it to there

Moved and well done with creating your second game Shatterhand ;)

Shatterhand 29 December 2017 22:41

A quick video of gameplay:


Unfortunately is at 30 fps (or 25 fps I guess?), so sensation of speed is not the same and flashing things may not appear correctly

kgc210 30 December 2017 00:00

Really impressed with that how it runs and looks in your video.
Looks very fast when you get enough power-ups.

Good job on a 12 day game!

Hopefully I can get round to trying some of these new games that are popping out at the min.

Shatterhand 30 December 2017 00:17

Thanks! I was afraid people would find it too slow and boring :D

Hard mode is faster and time limits are a little tighter. The game was designed on "hard" in mind, but you can play on easy if you want it :D

The game save hiscores and there are different hiscores for EASY and HARD modes. There are 20 levels, on hard the game can be beaten in like 10 minutes :D It's not easy to beat the game but it's doable.

There are no power ups per se, there's a "turbo" icon that when collected gives you a boost for a few seconds. Many times it acts against you instead of helping , but in some levels you need to get them or you won't finish in time :)

Wrench value rises when you collect them on sequence, miss one and it resets. Money bags have constant value and are worth a lot of points, so try to grab them all.

I should have added some sound effect for when the time is running out, but oh well.

Predseda 30 December 2017 00:28

Here is the Lemon entry. Thank you for an in-game message to Lemoners :D

Shatterhand 30 December 2017 01:57


Originally Posted by Predseda (Post 1208553)
Here is the Lemon entry. Thank you for an in-game message to Lemoners :D

Hahaha :D Thank you :)

DanyPPC 30 December 2017 10:27

Nice car game ;)

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