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Cobe 24 December 2017 09:58

Lumberjack Xmas
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Christmas edition of Lumberjack Reloaded game available on aminet:

Attachment 55925

Code and inmusic - Cobe
Gfx - Koyot1122 ProjectR3D
Support & Testing - Lemming880
Title music - Simon JMD

If you want to support further development and new projects please consider buying the game at www.amiga.net.pl

Merry Christmas!

zzbylu 24 December 2017 13:17

Lumberjack Xmas gameplay :)

DanyPPC 24 December 2017 13:27


DamienD 24 December 2017 14:33

Thanks Cobe :great

Gzegzolka 24 December 2017 15:08

That is very nice Xmas edition :)

Lemming880 24 December 2017 19:18

Have fun y'all. :) The idea for an xmas edition already started in June so nice to see it finally released. :great Great work by Cobe and Koyot! Ps. if you survive long enough you'll hear that the ingame music is a special version.

Cobe 25 December 2017 00:08


Originally Posted by Lemming880 (Post 1207693)
Ps. if you survive long enough you'll hear that the ingame music is a special version.

Santa Ola Erikson did :)

alpine9000 25 December 2017 02:49

Played it this morning, great stuff!

Congrats to all involved!

Cobe 25 December 2017 13:22

Thanks alpine! Appreciate it! I appreciate your work too. I've enjoyed Blocky Skies and I see you did great job on Else we get mad, I'll have to try beat it.

hipoonios 25 December 2017 15:02

So simple, so fun!

Thanks for another Amiga great Amiga game!

Nostromo 28 December 2017 21:24

I have bought the game as I liked the demo a lot. I have noticed that when I am around 2 minutes or so into the game, the audio goes bad, with hissing, etc. Any idea what is wrong? I am playing on an A1200.

Cobe 29 December 2017 02:55

Stock A1200?

Nostromo 29 December 2017 09:28

No, it has ACA accelerator and Indivision MK1.

Cobe 29 December 2017 16:53

On my ACA1221 that doesn't happen. I'll assume that either you have better ACA or that you bought higher frequency. However, does it hiss if you run it from floppy or assuming you installed it to hdd is it the same if you run it from cli without startup-sequence before ACATune is ran?

If that doesn't help send me pm again and we'll continue troubleshooting there.

Nostromo 29 December 2017 18:13

PM sent!

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