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Sir_Lucas 18 October 2017 23:54

IBrowse 2.5 to be demoed at AmiWest and Amiga32
Here's some info from the official IBrowse 2.5 site:

IBrowse 2.5 is breaking cover... Some of you may be lucky enough to see it being demo'd at the upcoming AmiWest and Amiga32 shows. Obviously we realise not everyone can get to these shows, so we have added a summary of the news here. Screenshots and more details will follow at a later date.

To get the bad news out of the way first, IBrowse 2.5 isn't available yet, and is unlikely to be in 2017. However, we are working hard on finalising things for release, including making keys available for purchase again, to coincide with the 2.5 release. Originally, IBrowse 2.5 was supposed to mainly be the OS4 port of IBrowse 2.4, but obviously many years have since passed and many other changes have been made.

Summary of the new features:
OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)
AmiSSL v4 Support
MUI 4.0 and 5.0 Support
Alpha Channel Support (OS4)
4Gb+ File/Downloads (OS4)
OpenSearch Support
Summary of the re-written features:
TextEditField Text Editor
Disk Cache Clean Up
Summary of the improved features:
JavaScript Engine
HTML Engine
HTTP Engine
Password Manager
Cookie Support
Various GUI Elements
Internal Image Decoders
Memory Management
Bug Fixes

Source: http://www.ibrowse-dev.net/ib25-news.php

jdryyz 19 October 2017 01:00


Sir_Lucas 26 October 2017 23:02



nogginthenog 30 October 2017 23:03

Was that at Amiga32? I must have missed it!?

debiani386 30 December 2017 07:31

I really look forward to the release of this! IBrowse is my go to browser since my Amiga doesn't have enough ram to run NetSurf (I only have about 20 mb total including chip ram).

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