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jediknight 15 September 2017 00:41

Fleafpga ohm minimig
hi anyone else seen this runs amiga stuff great take a look .




Akira 15 September 2017 17:33

That is excellent news! Really excited about this one.

jediknight 16 September 2017 01:26

please people try and support it as the maker is worried nobody would want it its gunna be fairly cheap so please support it thanks.

Akira 16 September 2017 04:29

Support it how? I saw no purchase info

FOL 16 September 2017 12:45


Originally Posted by Akira (Post 1185183)
Support it how? I saw no purchase info

I agree, there is no info. Need more information.

jediknight 17 September 2017 20:47

join it on hackaday sign up and follow it .

radfoo 01 October 2017 23:35

impressive, think be be worth a punt for $45.

jediknight 02 October 2017 00:03

just updated the link

jediknight 02 October 2017 22:26

go on people order a flea she amiga lol.

Gaula92 06 October 2017 19:36

*REAL* Amiga Mini, avoid crap
Hello all,

After seeing that thread that talks about another crappy emulation-based AMIGA (and even the scammers of Cloanto involved), I think I have found somethig WAY more interesting... What about an Amiga computer re-implemented in FPGA for 45$?
This board seems to run no other than the incredible Minimig core, for that price, and it's as mini as possible:


Note I am not affiliate with the board or devs behind it: but I believe it's what an "Amiga Mini" should be, using the only possible technology to make justice for the original system.

EDIT: There's also an FPGA hardware implementation of an X86 computer with VGA and OPL3 for this board. So it's HARD to resist :D

Akira 06 October 2017 20:10

Already posted and discussed here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=88625

DamienD 06 October 2017 21:00

Thanks for pointing that out Akira; threads merged ;)

Higgy 06 October 2017 21:21

I am mainly interested in the old skool PC Core. I have a MiST and ZX-Uno but only the ZX-Uno has a PC Core, but mine only has 512Kb of RAM so the PC Core is very limited.

Being able to play SWOS perfectly with a pocket travel device on HDMI is also very interesting ;)

I thought I read somewhere the AMIGA Core could be 68020 ? MiST has 68020 so it would be good if a WHDload setup could be run on the Flea.

I think it best to almost follow a RPi Zero guide which puts it in a NES cart, so that the ports are protected by extension leads. MicroSD ports are not the best for lots of plugging/unplugging.

It looks like sound out is through HDMI? Nice if you had option to route out via gpio pins to 3.5mm jack. Handy for using with DVI monitors.

jediknight 07 October 2017 00:53

i think its gunna be cool ive put my cash down i want one so bad it rocks.

Higgy 07 October 2017 11:34

The project creator said it would be possible to output sound via gpio for a 3.5mm jack. :)
Great for existing DVI monitor and PC speaker setups.

I have asked some questions regarding if you can use a USB hub ( As AMIGA really needs 3 ports/devices) and to clarify if they are USB and PS\2 compatible or you need PS\2 devices.

@jediknight - what is the damage with UK postage? 52 dollars ?

Akira 09 October 2017 15:40


Originally Posted by Higgy (Post 1190372)
The project creator said it would be possible to output sound via gpio for a 3.5mm jack. :)

If it's that PWM hthing like on Raspberry pis, it's absolute garbage. It's best to have a dedicated DAC. Hopefully one can attach it to the system.

robinsonb5 09 October 2017 16:03


Originally Posted by Akira (Post 1190879)
If it's that PWM hthing like on Raspberry pis, it's absolute garbage. It's best to have a dedicated DAC. Hopefully one can attach it to the system.

You can do a lot better than PWM with an FPGA - both the Minimig and MIST use a resistor/capacitor filter fed from a GPIO pin for audio, and most cores use a sigma/delta modulator rather than PWM to drive it. While a true DAC is certainly better, the results are perfectly fine for 8-bit audio.

Higgy 10 October 2017 20:41

Project creator has said his Minmig port has up to 2mb chip and 8mb fast, so it should make a nice WHDLoad setup which will cover most AMIGA games out there.
There might be a possibility of AGA fitting in the FPGA.

With postage and credit card fees you are looking at about 41 for the UK. There are potential custom fees, but not that high. Hell, in year or so we might be paying customs on all EU goods!

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