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CodyJarrett 01 April 2017 08:16

New Book: When Pixels Ruled the Amiga

I am proud to announce a new book called "When Pixels Ruled the Amiga". It's about the smallest of things: the humble pixel!

When you look at an Amiga game it's actually made up of thousands of little squares. This book is a celebration of these normally overlooked pixels.

The price will be around £49.99 / 59.99 Euros / $64.99 and it will be published this summer.

Fifty famous pixels will be displayed in all their stunning full page glory. Here are some page mock-ups:

http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...l_lemmings.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...xel_hunter.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...speedball2.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...l_populous.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...rstsamurai.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr..._moonstone.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...xel_lotus2.png http://www.abime.net/img/whenpixelsr...ienbreed3d.png

Amigajay 01 April 2017 08:40

:laughing looks great, is there any extras, music cd or dvd of the pixels for example?

CodyJarrett 01 April 2017 08:52

I'm hoping that we can make some pixel coasters for drinks.

idrougge 01 April 2017 14:53

Superb! Many books print the pixels at a really small size so you need a magnifying glass to see them. I look forward to big pixel spreads, or even a centrefold containing some particularly magnificent pixel.

Superman 01 April 2017 14:54

Give me some Strip poker III skin pixels and I'm in! :laughing

Retro1234 01 April 2017 16:49

£49.99 - I would pay £500

Leffmann 01 April 2017 22:25

Good one :)

T_hairy_bootson 02 April 2017 12:35

Nice one Cody. :)

LordNipple 02 April 2017 13:25

I'd actually buy this hahaha

Paul_s 02 April 2017 20:36

pre-ordered! Can't wait :)

CodyJarrett 03 April 2017 11:08

Don't forget that abime.net Publishing still has some copies left of the Bluffer's Guide to Retrogaming:



alpine9000 03 April 2017 11:11

Aren't you worried about copyright?!?

Pyromania 04 April 2017 00:55

Cool, a new book with Amiga in its contents is coming out!

Seiya 04 April 2017 13:08

but, why 60 eur?

volvo_0ne 06 April 2017 23:22

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 4th of April and I only just got this!

I was thinking "WTF" ........... then i realised :D

Nice one, you got me!

grond 07 April 2017 12:27

Will there be a sequel about rasterlines?

Superman 07 April 2017 12:49

I'm still waiting for "Guru Meditation - The Complete Collection" to come out.

Amigajay 07 April 2017 13:15

Too many images of pixels on the cover ruin it for me, no buy.

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