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Anakirob 18 March 2017 01:42

New Independent Periodical "in the style of" Amiga Power
I have been spending the last month working really hard on putting together a magazine to be published regularly, hopefully monthly but possibly bi-monthly or quarterly depending on how we go producing the first couple of issues.

The Power Magazine is a publication for SteamOS gaming. Although obviously any SteamOS games are also available for Windows, so any PC gamer should be able to get something out of our pages. And also we cover vintage systems as emulation is one of the main ways Linux users traditionally play games on their system.

Indeed the Amiga will feature quite heavily in the first issue to be published in April, as well as the special edition issue zero which is due in just under one week from now. We have adjusted our release schedule to the first of every month. So this news is quite relevant to the Amiga.

Especially considering that for issue one we plan on releasing a real Amiga coverdisk, which will also be available for download as an ADF and possibly LHA as a tribute to our heritage.

Please not that the actual cover for The Power Magazine issue zero may vary. For example the "outrageous claims" will most likely appear inside the magazine and not on the cover.

Anakirob 18 March 2017 12:59

The Power CoverDisk competition
much like our parent publication we will feature things like cover media and giveaway competitions. So I though i might as well offer an early one:

I will give one copy of the coverdisk to the first Australian (or person who can collect a package delivered within AU:) person who can spot the typo contained in the above image.

Post your answer here and claim your prize via PM, thankyou.

You will of course have to wait until after 15th of April 1st of May of course, as the disk will feature more than just the Tanks Furry game, we intend to fill every last track with content. And it is not the CoverDisk for issue zero, but issue one.

thedevilbunny 18 March 2017 13:30

Looks great! Good luck man, can't wait to give it a look!

Anakirob 18 March 2017 13:54


Originally Posted by thedevilbunny (Post 1147624)
Looks great! Good luck man, can't wait to give it a look!

Interestingly enough the model of Alienware Steam Machine I am covering seems to be far more readily available and cheaper to purchase in the USA for the US consumer than it was for me in Australia, as Dell Australia do not sell anything less than the Alpha, and frankly if you're not running Windows 10 you probably won't need that much power. I don't want to give too much away for free but the verdict for the Steam Hardware, the Controller and the OS will mostly be in the region of 8 and a bit out of 10. or "80 something percent" in the old currency. Highly recommended for a certain kind of hardcore indie-game fanatic but anyone else might be wise to at least consider a different Steam Machine. I do go into a bit more detail about what kind of games tend to be available and so forth, but you will have to wait for my final copy late next week. If not on, then near the 24th.

But while it's for SteamOS if you're a Steam customer that has a good understanding of conversational English then this will have something for you even if you do in fact use Windows or MacOS.

Our Yankee cousins will have to bear with our proper English spelling as we are primarily an Australian publication. But as the AU Steam Store uses USD and not AUD then you should not have any problems with our price listings.

Also we are not in any way loyal to Valve, although recent customer service enquiries were less painful than I was expecting, and in time plan to include information on whatever Humble Bundle database information they use for their store like we will do for Steam AppID and RRP in USD.


Anakirob 22 March 2017 07:45

I have edited previous posts with updated news regarding our release schedule, so though this may be worth a bump so that anyone who had taken note of the original release date may be kept up to date.

Of course this is just a draft layout, we have a dedicated art editor giving this the professional DTP treatment. This page features three reviews, one from each of our writers, all for games which might be wise to avoid.

I might note that you can most likely expect at least one positive review from each of us, but you'll have to wait (or look at my Steam Store reviews:) to see what those titles are.


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