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AMIGASYSTEM 31 July 2022 08:43

AROS One x86 v1.8 Released

New version of AROS One x86 including lots of new features, new Core compilation with GCC 6.5.0, all installed software, many of which have been updated or fixed, are also ready to use from the Live DVD/ISO, also available on AROS One all available development tools.

In this version of AROS One, in addition to Amistart, BoingIconBar, a multi ToolBar that can be navigated through the right mouse button or through the mouse wheel (highlight the bar first), has also been installed.

Amistart and BoingIconBar can be swapped in the system, onentither can change backgrounds and skins, all through appositscript to be executed through specific icons.

AROS One is distributed in DVD (ISO) format or USB image from "burned to Pendrive", useful as Live system or to quickly install AROS One on PC.

To the USB image needs to rename the extension according to the program to be used, usually .img, for AROS One we recommend the use of the excellent Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One x86 v1.8 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.8 USB Flash: Download

AMIGASYSTEM 31 July 2022 10:01

These are the many new features:

Update AROS One System:
- OWB Set path Certificates (Env-Archive/SYS\Certificates)
- Dopus4 Config (Added DH1 and USB Buttons)
- Dopus4 Skin White
- Fixed Variable DEVELPATH e EXTRASPATH (For those who install Development, Extras and Demos on DH1)
- User-Startup (Fixed new paths DEVELPATH and EXTRASPATH)
- Amistart (Added Reboot entry)
- BlackIce Theme (Fixed Iconify and added DirUp button)
- Amistart Prefs (Cat's eyes Presets)
- AmiStart (Added item fix paths Development, Extras, also work if they are installed on DH1Reboot)
- AmiStart (Install)
- Update Theme Manager (Before Wanderer Skin Prefs)
- BoingIconBar (Install)
- BoingIconBar (link to change skins)

Update AROS One App:
- OWB (link to change skins)
- ZuneARC (link to change skins)
- Add Tab Images for App Theme Prefs
- Now the "Lua" package is located in the SYS:Tools path.
- New DualPNG Icons in the Emulation Section.
- ZuneARC (extract/delete a single file from LHA archives)
- Eliminated no longer needed: Development/share/doc/openssl
- Eliminated no longer needed: Development/share/man/man3
- Switch v1.3
- App Theme Preferences Update
- AmiTube v1.2 (now shows thumbnail preview of searched videos)
- Tools Development Dos
- Muibase v4.5
- Font Tester v1.20
- AWeather v1.0
- RNOArchive v1.1
- IconClone New version by miker

Update Games:
- New icons on style Aros One for Drawer and Exe
- AmiBrixx
- BubbleTrain
- NetBubble
- DonCeferinoHazana
- Ami-Ingenious

AROS ABIv0 Core Update:

- Further implementation of vusbhci.device and arosx.class (DizzyOfCRN)
- C library softfloat support (Kalamatee)
- e1000.device updated to 8.0.35 and rx queue hags resolved (Kalamatee)
- Added GetUpTime to timer.device (Schulz)
- Improved clock_gettime in C library (Kalamatee)
- Prefs/Palette added (Kalamatee)รน
- Implement GadgetText for plain Gadgets (o1i)
- Migrate to use GCC 6.5.0 from GCC 6.3.0 (deadwood)
- Migrate to use binutils 2.32 from bintuils 2.23.2 (deadwood)
- Introduction of storage subsystem (Kalamatee)
- SysExplorer extended and made modular (Kalamatee)
- SysExplorer shows extended disk capabilities (Kalamatee)
- DOS recognizes muFS file systems (Kalamatee)
- Prefs/ScreenMode displays now test screen (Kalamatee)
- Prefs/ScreenMode displays now test screen (Kalamatee)
- DiskInfo, C/Info recognizes more file system (Kalamatee)
- SSL certficates to be stored at ENVARC:SYS/Certificates
- ASL Prefs
- Fix ReqTools Prefs

Functional fixes:
- Documentation (Neil, Kalamatee)
- C library (Kalamatee)
- vesagfx.hidd (bugs: broken support for paletted modes) (Neil)
- Restored lost guillemets in task names (Neil)
- Fix USB keyboard on QEMU sam460ex emulation (balaton)
- PCITool (bugs: truncating output) (Kalamatee)
- exec.library (bugs: broken support for MEMF_REVERSE (Neil)
- String.mui (bugs: broken Ctrl-U support) (Neil)
- ata.device (bugs: random failure to start, crash when failed to start unit) (Kalamatee)
- fat-handler (bugs: Big Endian incompatibility) (Schulz)
- fat-handler (bugs: wrong behavior under optimization) (Kalamatee)
- ntfs-handler (bugs: wrong behavior under optimization) (Kalamatee)
- Fix to updating Wanderer windows (Kalamatee)
- ata.device (bugs: wrong handling of NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY) (Schulz)
- freetype2.library (bugs: high stack usage) (Kalamatee)
- PNG.datatypes (fix pointer) (Kalamatee)
- IntelGMA Workaround (DEVS:Monitors/IntelGMA) (Kalamatee)
- Fix Development/libs/libarosc.a (Kalamatee)

Stability fixes:
- graphics.library (Neil)
- Trident (Kalamatee)
- uuid.library (Kalamatee, Neil)
- Printer preferences (Kalamatee, Neil)
- C:Mount, NList (Kalamatee)
- diskimage.device, rexxsupport.library (Kalamatee)
- Wanderer, SysExplorer, WiMP (Kalamatee)
- Calculator, AROSTCP (Kalamatee)
- openurl.library (Kalamatee)
- String.mui (Kalamatee, Neil)
- muimaster.library (Kalamatee)
- IPrefs, Slider.mui (Neil)
- Wanderer preferences (Kalamatee)
- dos.library, sdcard.device (Schulz)
- posixc.library, graphics.library (Kalamatee)
- massstorage.class, Calendar.mcc (Kalamaee)
- nouveau.hidd, icon.library (Kalamatee)
- locale.library, nonvolatile.library (Kalamatee)
- Input preference, Locale preferences (Kalamatee)
- FreeType Manager, FKey (Kalamatee)
- More, MultiView (Kalamatee)
- Graph.mcc, Clock.mcc (Kalamatee)

- Boost preprocessor macros (Falemagn)
- AROS build system (Falemagn, Kalamatee)
- GMP 6.1.2, MPC 1.1.0 (Kalamatee)
- Polish catalogs for Preferences programs (wawa)
- binutils 2.32 (Kalamatee)
- GCC 6.5.0 (Kalamatee)
- MPFR 4.0.2 (Kalamatee)
- acpia.library 20190215 (Kalamatee)
- libpng 1.6.36 / png.library v53 (Kalamatee)
- freetype 2.10.0 / freetype2.library v6.2 (Kalamatee)
- French catalogs updated (otigreat)
- ffmpeg 4.0.2 (Kalamatee)
- lbreakout2 2.6.5 (Kalamatee)
- libxml2 2.9.9 (Kalamatee)
- libxslt 1.1.33 (Kalamatee)

DisasterIncarna 31 July 2022 19:12

nice, google drive playing nice today, got the download without hitting any quotas :) time to play with a new toy, cheers :)

AMIGASYSTEM 31 July 2022 19:30

Thank you, now I am waiting for your contribution and some other good users to grow the favorite son of AMiGA :)

DisasterIncarna 31 July 2022 20:32


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1557143)
Thank you, now I am waiting for your contribution and some other good users to grow the favorite son of AMiGA :)

hmm are you 1 of the handful that tried out the reqtools.library double width variant i compiled, that version was based on the aros backport available on aminet, not sure how the aros version works, does that one scale or have increased width to show longer filenames more easily??


AMIGASYSTEM 31 July 2022 20:48

On AROS these last few days on my seganalation, the good deadwood recreated the ASL Prefs and the ReqTools Prefs, you can read what was done HERE

AMIGASYSTEM 01 August 2022 21:17

New Video Tutorial showing how to install AROS One x86 v1.8 on VMWare Player in a few minutes:


DisasterIncarna 02 August 2022 00:06

nice, i'll be watching and following this shortly :)

AMIGASYSTEM 02 August 2022 23:58

If you may be interested I will create a Video Tutorial showing how to install AROS One x86 on 2 Partitions, installing Extras, Develpment, and all third-party software: Videos, Graphics, Demos, Games, Music etc.. in the second Work partition (DH1), all always in the same few minutes

AMIGASYSTEM 05 August 2022 14:56

1 Attachment(s)
Probably in the next version of AROS One x86/68k there will be drawer icons in White color, useful for those who use dark backgrounds, i attach screenshots showing some the system icon set already created today!

Naturaslly one click will be enough to install or restore the White or Blue icons

AMIGASYSTEM 07 August 2022 00:34

1 Attachment(s)
The hard work continues, already numerous White Icons have been created !

Of course, these icons are also compatible with OS 3.x

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