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AMIGASYSTEM 31 May 2022 22:35

AROS One x86 v1.7 Released
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AROS One x86 v1.7

This new version of AROS One v1.7 includes many new features, available almost all the most important Software for AROS x86, many of which have been updated or fixed, you can read HERE all the progress made in this release

The most important new feature is that now AROS One v1.7 based on an AROS build recompiled with GCC 6.3.0, this means more speed and more efficiency, also you can now use on AROS One all the GCC 6.3.0 development tools available on AROS x86.

AROS One x86 v1.7 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.7 USB Flash: Download (To burn the USB image it is recommended to use the software Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One is now also distributed in the "Pendrive Image" format, once this image is burned on a 4GB or larger Pendrive it will allow you to recreate a Live USB that can be booted on all supported PCs and consequently install AROS on HD without the need for a DVD.

If you use a Pendrive larger than 4GB, the rest of the space will remain available as a second raw partition that can be formatted later on a PC in FAT32 and used as a data exchange between AROS One and other OSes.

Test Video:

Small video test AROS One v1.7

AROS One x86: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

DualBoot AROS One x86 / Win10: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 Installation on VMVare: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 Installation HD on VirtualBox: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 on PC Real Dell Inspiron Mini 910: Tutorial Video A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

These are the new features of AROS One v1.7

Update AROS One System:
- HDToolBox Device fix TolType Opzioni
- Update Image WHDMenu
- Update Def_MIDI
- Update Def_CDXL
- Update Def_Icons Lua, AmiLua
- Update DirectoryOpus.CFG
- Update ZuneARC Config
- New Skins for Murks
- New Datatypes BMP, TGA
- New Themes for Wanderer
- New Descriptor (Datatypes)
- 8 New Icon DualPNG Buton AmiStart
- DTConv
- DTConvertGui
- BMP.datatype
- TGA.datatypes
- ICO.datatypes
- UnDeleteSFS
- UnDeletePFS
- New GRUB background
- Theme AmiStart

Update App:
- SidDump 1.08
- AmigaKeyRemaper v1.1
- GarshneBlanker v3.9
- RNOEffects v1.3
- DiskValid GUI v1.0
- GarshneBlanker v39.2
- TCPPrefs v1.0
- RNOPublisher v1.0
- Acuario 2020
- ViewISO v1.1
- ZapHod v1.3
- MCC TextEditor v15.56
- RNOArchive v1.0
- RapaGUI v2.1
- 4KLive v0.7
- RunInDOSBox r1
- RMan v3.2
- RTF2HTML v3.97
- GrafX2 2.7.2978
- GTuner v0.41
- AmiNote v0.1
- ZuneARC v1.6
- ModExplorer v3.81
- ModExplorerCE v3.80
- Bin2ISO
- DTConv
- Daysleeper v0.9
- AIDEa v04/03/21
- Murks vO,6
- GCC v6.3.0.
- MUIBase v4.4
- IconClone v1.0.7
- PerCIMan v0.7.4
- InstallerLG v1.0
- Vim v8.2.4370
- Multiview v1.8 by Miker
- VindentiumPicta v2.50
- SilkRAW v1.3
- Aget v0.64
- HollywoodPlayer v9.1
- Crono v2.2

Update Games:
- Hle Poker Card
- BlackjuanPokerCard
- Atomiks
- Breaker
- SYASokoban
- Pipewalker
- SieteYMedia

MikeB 01 June 2022 21:16

Looks nice. Keep up the good work! :great

AMIGASYSTEM 02 June 2022 11:24

Thanks MikeB

For those who decide to install any AROS Distro split into two partitions, i.e. installing the Exstras, Development and Demos folders in DH1, a bug was encountered, which later after reporting I managed to fix.

As soon as possible I will prepare an Update that will add one more new feature on AROS One x86, those who want to know the procedure of the fix can read it here:


AMIGASYSTEM 04 June 2022 09:14

Did you know that in addition to being able to download and view Videos, AmiTube can also extract and convert music from Videos into the MP3 or 8VSX formats ?

I have created a small video showing how AmiTube can download Videos or extract Audio in the MP3 format.

The video is in a small Zip archived file, in a few seconds you download it and then you can view it in very good quality.


Shadowfire 04 June 2022 18:20

I downloaded the USB Flash image but it is a .vhd (virtual hard disk) image. Needless to say, writing it out to a flash drive did not result in a bootable drive.

AMIGASYSTEM 04 June 2022 23:58

Did you use Rufus o Etcher, other software will fail, I have done the test several times without finding problems.

Also the Pendrive must be 4GB or larger, even one byte less will fail the copy

If the problem is the unsupported PC, try another PC !

AMIGASYSTEM 09 June 2022 17:26

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AROS One has had many structural updates, now more stable and faster, you can read all the news in the attached links:



AMIGASYSTEM 11 June 2022 23:10

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More news on AROS x86, AROS One increasingly stable and fast, soon to be Scalos integration, AROS One user will be able to make the switch with one click


AMIGASYSTEM 13 June 2022 21:19

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Installed on AROS One "Tools Development Dos" with included "PDF Book" and "C Programming TOOLS", to Create Multiplatform Retro DOS Video Games.

Tools Development Dos, was created by good and friendly Italian developer Bertinetto Bartolomeo Davide.

On AROS One with "deepl" I translated and added Readme and filenames in English, in the future I will see to translate also the manual in PDF, moreover for the whole package I created DualPNG icons.

You can download the AROS version of "Tools Development Dos" in the attached link, or wait for an AROS One update that will include the updated version of DOSBox used by "Tools Development Dos" and the deletion of native OS3 files not needed on AROS.


AMIGASYSTEM 20 June 2022 10:37

Fixed variable DEVELPATH path also when Folder Development is installed or moved to DH1

Fixed path variable EXTRASPATH also when Folder Extras is installed or moved to DH1

Fixed path variable DOSBox (AppDir) also when Folder Emulator/DOSBox/ is installed or moved to DH1

Modified config Dopus, added DH1: and USB: to Menu buttons Drives:

As per your suggestion Deleted unnecessary files of:


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