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pink^abyss 26 April 2022 17:28

PreTracker 1.5 released
Abyss released PreTracker 1.5

This is a crossdev 'chipmusic' tracker (running on Windows) to create music for Amiga demos, intros and games. All instruments are precalced on song init, hence the name 'PreTracker'.
Used by Abyss in 'Coda', 'Preschool', 'Tinyus', 'Tiny Bobble', 'Wrong Way Driver' and 'Tiny Galaga'.

New in Version 1.5
-Gamedev support (up to 31 Sub Songs, up to 31 Sound Fx)
- Loop crossfade
- Easier loop setup (press the gear icon)
- New ASM / C replayer with support for subsongs/sfx, global volume.
- Many editor bugfixes
- New demo songs included

Estrayk 26 April 2022 21:12

Thank you very much Pink, I look forward to trying it out as soon as possible.

WayneK 27 April 2022 12:02

Thanks for releasing this update Pink, might give me the push to finish something :P

MickGyver 27 April 2022 16:38

Thank you for releasing this Pink!

Asle 02 May 2022 22:27

thank you !

Bren McGuire 03 May 2022 05:53

can this be used in Blitz now?
thanks Pink!

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