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AMIGASYSTEM 19 March 2021 09:46

AROS One x86 v1.5 Realized
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AROS One x86 v1.5 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.5 USB Flash: Download, to burn the USB image we recommend using the software Rufus, but you can also use the software Etcher.

AROS One x86 New version of my Distribution based on the new Core by Deadwood, among the novelties a USB Flash App to Create Live Pendrive, App created by Paolone that I thank and modified by me to make it compatible on AROS One.

AROS One is now also distributed in the "Pendrive Image" format, once this image is burned on a 4GB or larger Pendrive it will allow you to recreate a Live USB that can be booted on all supported PCs and consequently install AROS on HD without the need for a DVD.

What's new in AROS One v1.5

Updates and New Software:
- AROS-20180415-1 Core Update (March 2021)
- App Live USB to Create Live Pendrive
- Added and improved file associations to icons and Dopus4
- ZuneARC Added support LZX, Tar.Z, .Tar.gz, .Bz2
- arSFSDoctor (GUI for Disk Recovery or Deleted Partitions and Corrupted SFS Partitions.)
- FakeFastmem (Adds FastMem on Wanderer)
- Updated Zune Libraries
- Removed from AROS One the program "RNOPublisher", those interested can download it from Aminet

AROS One Graphic Improvements:
- Mirror Effect Application Icons
- Glow effect on drawer icons
- Updated External Commands for ZuneARC
- Retouching 2 OS4-MOS Style Workbench Windows Skins
- New AviBuild Skin
- New Zune ARC Skins
- New Skin for MeteMP3
- New Skin for MP3 Player
- New Skin for FrameBuild
- New Skins for HarmonyPlayer
- 3 New Skins for MPlayer
- 3 New Skins for MP3 ZAMP

Test Video: DualBoot - AROS One / Win10 (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86, Installazione su VMVare: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86, Installazione HD su VirtualBox: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AROS One x86 su PC Reale Inspiron Mini 9: Tutorial Video (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AMIGASYSTEM 20 March 2021 15:31

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-- Important --

I add an important note about the Live USB, as mentioned to burn the Pendrive Image of AROS One x86 you need a Pendrive of 4GB not smaller even if a little, but I strongly recommend to use a larger PenDrive so that you can have a partition exchange without the need to use a Virtual Machine.


Burn the Pendrive image with "Rufus" on a Pendrive larger than 4GB, finished burning you will find a Pendrive divided into two partitions, AROS One on the first partition and a second partition "not used".

At this point start a program that manages the partition and format this second partition "residual" in FAT32, after this the partition will be visible both from Windows and AROS available to share data between the two OS.

In the next version will be included a Pendrive Image with the partition in FAT32 https://ae.amigalife.org/Smileys/default/smiley.gif

I attach screenshot where the Wanderer and HDToolBox show the two partitions of the pendrive !

davidmcminn 20 March 2021 21:31


This looks great. Are there any mirrors? I tried to download it but Google says too many people have downloaded it already (bandwidth restriction?).


AMIGASYSTEM 20 March 2021 21:45

You have to click on the blue tab, see screenshot !

davidmcminn 20 March 2021 21:54

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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1471782)
You have to click on the blue tab, see screenshot !

Yeah, I figured that much out by myself ;p

This is the error I get (see attached).

AMIGASYSTEM 20 March 2021 22:26

Doing some research it seems to be "Google Drive download limit number"

I, on the other hand, if I am not logged in I get that message too!

On the Italian Forum someone manages to download it, strange !!!

AMIGASYSTEM 20 March 2021 23:09


If you have a Google account, logging in and then see if it allows you to download, should allow you to do so :)

davidmcminn 21 March 2021 21:40


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1471810)
If you have a Google account, logging in and then see if it allows you to download, should allow you to do so :)

Excellent! That worked, thank you very much.

I wrongly assumed that if the bandwidth had been exceeded then logging in would make no difference.


AMIGASYSTEM 22 March 2021 09:46

Okay, glad that worked

AMIGASYSTEM 24 March 2021 10:33

Another interesting operation carried out on my Aspire 5920, after creating the DualBoot between AROS and Win10, i created a third Partition in FAT32, now the two Operating Systems have this Partition shared (see the two screenshots) and then you can exchange data.

I specify that AROS can also see the NTFS partition of Win10 but to do this I must enable "ntfs-handler" by default disabled on AROS because at the moment it is read-only.

AMIGASYSTEM 01 April 2021 19:31

As reported by users in addition to Rufus, To "Burn" the AROS One USB image to any USB device you can also use the software Etcher.

As already mentioned use Pendrive or HD larger than 4GB, doing this with the residual you can create a partition in FAT32 that can be used normally on Windows (the AROS partition will not be shown) but also as an exchange volume on AROS One that instead sees and manages both partitions.

AMIGASYSTEM 06 April 2021 17:53

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Completed 2 new skins for AROS x86 but are also compatible with AROD One 68k.

The 2 skins have the same style one recalls the style of the transparent bar of Amistart

seb132 07 April 2021 05:14

Really cool. Is it working on modern PC? Any chance to make a dual boot system on Win10?

AMIGASYSTEM 07 April 2021 10:55

Yes you can DualBoot with Win7/8/10, but you need to be an expert.

But you must have a PC that has the hardware supported by AROS, i suggest to try first with a Virtual Machine

To do this easily you must first install Win10 and leave a partition "Raw" after the installation of Win10 avii the DVD or Pendrive Live AROS One and run InstallAROS that will recognize the partition "Raw", which first must initialize it and after rebooting install AROS One that will create the DualBoot, I attach my DualBoot AROS One / Windows10

Test Video: DualBoot - AROS One / Win10 (for optimal viewing set the video to 720p)

AMIGASYSTEM 16 April 2021 08:14

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Created two new window skins with two backgrounds of the same color !

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