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dlfrsilver 17 March 2021 22:51

Nippon Safes Amiga and PC are now freeware thanks to the right holders !
Nippon Safes Inc. is Declared Freeware
Exciting news! Thanks to the tremendous effort of Damiano Gerli and the generosity of original game authors, Marco Caprelli, Paolo Costabel, Massimo Magnasciutti and producer Bruno Boz, we are happy to announce the freeware release of the game Nippon Safes Inc.
This is a small but fun game created in 1992 by the small Italian studio DYNABYTE divisione EUCLIDEA s.r.l. You can read about the game and the history of Dynabyte in more detail on Damiano’s Blog, the Genesis Temple. (https://genesistemple.com/the-big-italian-adventure-the...).

Both DOS and Amiga versions have been declared freeware, with permission to modify the files, which makes it possible to disable the manual protection. Nevertheless, we are distributing scanned copies of the manual as well. You can grab your copies from our games page (https://scummvm.org/games/).
The game itself has been supported since ScummVM 0.10.0, which was released in 2007.
Have fun and enjoy another great freeware point-and-click adventure!
PS. If you happen to own boxes of The Big Red Adventure and Tequila & Boom Boom titles from the same developer and have the ability to provide high-res scans of those, please contact sev.

CFOU! 17 March 2021 23:00

good new ;)

manossg 17 March 2021 23:10

Great news, this generosity is much appreciated!

malko 17 March 2021 23:15

Thanks! :)

Valken 18 March 2021 02:23

Awesome! Thanks and much appreciated to the original authors and developers!

enzoboss 18 March 2021 06:12

Great news.
Now it will be possible to create the WHDLoad version in Italian.

CFOU! 18 March 2021 11:57

it would be cool it released the AGA version of Big Red Adventure ever released.
Denis, would you be interested in contacting them about this?
(ps: I fixed the FR files of the Cd version without that we can't finish the game ...)

here HOL note:
[2] Dynabyte originally coded the Amiga conversion of THE BIG RED ADVENTURE for the CD32/A1200, but then-publisher Core Design decided not to release it in 1995/96 because of the ailing Amiga market. Subsequently, Power Computing secured the rights to the game and published it in 1997.

dlfrsilver 18 March 2021 16:56

Why not ? Let's see what remains.

lesta_smsc 19 March 2021 00:46

Excellent news. I remember seeing this game but never really played it - the music seemed to have a resemblance in parts to the Blues Brothers ingame music. What I love is how the scummvm has the adf available for download - that seems like it is quite fitting for those who still wish to use it on their Amigas (or via emulation) as opposed to using scummvm platform - which BTW, is an AMAZING piece of software. I was running Blade Runner using some dirty hack to get working and they not long ago formally supported this game.

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