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mrv2k 04 March 2021 19:49

New WHDLoad Covers & Screen Shot Sets (Updates!)
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I've just spent the last few months creating a set of cover images and screen shots for various WHDLoad frontends. The screen shots sets that I have posted previously have been refreshed and about 50% replaced with better images. All archives are up to date with Retroplays current WHD game sets.
I've made several LHA archives for IGame, TinyLauncher and AGS using the correct folder structure and naming. I've also tried to cover RTG, AGA and ECS/OCS screen modes. There's also a couple Zip archives with PNG images for non Amiga frontends. You can get the files here.


Update #1

Here's the first update for my WHDload game image collection. As usual all the images are named in line with WHDLoad/Retroplay's latest updates.

I'll be releasing updates monthly and new full base sets every couple of months. I'm also going to work on getting some CLRMamePro dat files created for each set, so you can keep the images up to date.

There are four update archives that are split between AGS, IGame, TinyLauncher and PNG. I've put all the different image sets for each type into one archive as they are only a couple of meg each. Here's whats new...

New Images

Updated Images

Here's The Link!

They are also available on my EAB FTP folder under ~Uploads/mrv2k

wobbly 04 March 2021 21:25

great work

Lizart 04 March 2021 21:31

Nice Work - thank you :)

spudje 04 March 2021 21:46


Sandancer 04 March 2021 23:10

Awesome thank you

wiz12 04 March 2021 23:52

Fantastic work, thanks!

falken 04 March 2021 23:53

Thank you mate!

tygre 04 March 2021 23:55

Amazing, thanks a lot :cool

NovaCoder 05 March 2021 00:57

Cool thanks, I'll try them with my MiSTer FPGA RTG :)

manic23 05 March 2021 18:53

Really appreciate your work. It's nice to have images for games but getting them all together is a lot of work, thanks so much for this.

DamienD 05 March 2021 19:00


Originally Posted by mrv2k (Post 1467400)
Hopefully I can get an FTP account on EAB so the archives can be downloaded straight to an Amiga. Just need to make a few more posts!

You're close to 50 posts, and this is a very worthwhile project that you've undertaken :agree

As I'm an FTP Admin, I've now created an account for you and PM'd you the password ;)

You can now upload to your ~Uploads/mrv2k directory.

twenty90seven 06 March 2021 01:38

Hi mrv2k, thanks so much for these images! The png covers I have used for my thumbnails in my retroarch playlist for Amiga. They are now all showing. I appreciate the time that must have gone into this.

yelworC 06 March 2021 23:23

Looking good! Thanks for making this available to us :)

Will probably use them as a screensaver on my Amiga since I do not use a WHDLoad frontend.

RoniWorlds 08 March 2021 20:38

Awesome thank you

Radertified 10 March 2021 15:53

This is fantastic. Thanks so much, mrv2k!

keithshaw3 10 March 2021 17:33

Great work, much appreciated

wiz12 21 March 2021 14:59

There's been a few additions and changes since this pack was released. I know this won't be easy but do you have any plans to provide updates?

mrv2k 21 March 2021 15:39

The first upgrade pack is already in progress. Gonna release future update packs monthly. First one will be uploaded at the beginning of April.

wiz12 21 March 2021 17:22


Originally Posted by mrv2k (Post 1471930)
The first upgrade pack is already in progress. Gonna release future update packs monthly. First one will be uploaded at the beginning of April.

Monthly updates sound like a good idea with all the changes there's been lately. One other suggestion would be to have a clrmame dat to keep track of everything.

nivam 22 March 2021 07:35

Amazing work, thank you

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