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Estrayk 14 February 2021 17:11

Amiga A1100 motherboard
Hello, a friend of mine "Miguel Fides", in collaboration with "Edu Arana", have worked for years on the reproduction of a board compatible with the A1000 case. I am the person who has been beta tester of the proyect, testing hundreds of demos, games, programs and additional hardware.

At first it was just an amateur project without any profit or sale, but we have noticed a lot of interest in the community and we are thinking that maybe we can make a launch for those interested.

This is the webpage we have created for the proyect:


If you are really interested you can write to us in the mail of the page and we will communicate the price to you when we have all the clear aspects.

If you have any questions about the board or the project, you can write your doubts in this same thread that I will review answering as I can.


best regards


chiark 23 February 2021 11:53

Looks excellent, nice work! I have a temperamental A1000 right now that I'd like to fix rather than replace the mobo, however this looks a good option....

Valken 23 February 2021 13:00

Love the options for the "original" Amiga!

Signman 24 February 2021 02:57

Would be nice to see. You should take out the negative sounding "rotten" describing an older A1000"s condition. Probably a second language thing I assume.

klx300r 24 February 2021 17:44

my Amiga 1000 thanks you:great:bowdown awesome stuff for the original AMIGA:spin

alexh 24 February 2021 18:18

Looks very good. I like the A1200 expansion connector.

For a long time you've been able to buy the Phoenix A1000 motherboard but it has fewer features than this.

Signman 25 February 2021 03:09

Won't it be very hard to find an available Agnus chip? Even if so, super expensive?

eXeler0 25 February 2021 11:40

All we need now is for A1200.net to produce a new A1000 case ;-)

Signman 25 February 2021 15:44

No we still need the A1100, nothing has been created yet.

Estrayk 26 February 2021 02:05

Hi all, we are really surprised how many people are showing interest via e-mail about the motherboard. We are going to manufacture 10 boards for the closest friends to test and we can really see the manufacturing times and other aspects related to logistics and production.

soon I will send an email to people who have declared a formal interest via email with more information.

meanwhile, we continue to test all aspects of the board to avoid future surprises of incompatibilities with acel cards, serial & parallel devices, floppy drives, monitors ... the Paula sounds great and clear too:


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