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AMIGASYSTEM 22 December 2020 14:15

Streamer Realized
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Autor:Brian Donahue

Streamer: Internet radio (ShoutCast/IceCast) player. It can stream MPEGand RealAudio files from any web server and play them in real-time. It can also 'record' files by saving them to disk as they play.

Streamer v2.13 OS3: Download

Supported protocols
HTTP with in-band track information (Shoutcast, Icecast)

Supported audio types:
MPEG layer 1/2/3
RealAudio 1.0
RealAudio 28.8
AAC (only with the FAAD player)

Supported languages:
German, Turkish, Polish (English is built-in)

Supported audio hardware
Any provided through AHI

Supported MPEG decoders
(allegedly any hardware that can use the MHI library)

utri007 24 December 2020 22:55

Sorry this, but you have had this same spelling mistake many times.

realized = Realizzato

I think that you should use released word.

AMIGASYSTEM 25 December 2020 00:49

I have never studied English at school but only French and German even though English is the most popular language in Italy.

Having said that I use the words used by others who I believe know English, in any case I do not see many differences between the two words.

Release -> make software available

Realized -> developed software

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