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juen 26 November 2020 12:13

New Game - Astro Blox Revisited
Astro Blox Revisited

Code: Pawel Juen Nowak
Graphics: Zbigniew PPILL Pozoga
Music: Jakub Aceman Szelag

A variation of the Sokoban style game with new logic elements. The game was first presented in the GAME DEV competition organized at DECRUNCH 2020, where it took first place.

The game finally offers 34 different stages. The ability to perform movements with a joystick or keyboard. Works on any classic Amiga with 512kb CHIP memory (stock A500).

Keys during the game: R - restart a stage, ESC - return to the menu, ARROWS - move.

In the box, in addition to the instructions in the form of a poster, there is a DD floppy disk and a bootable CD.

The game was tested on the A500, A1000, A2000, A1200, CDTV and CD32. Additional extensions (like V2, TF, 060) shouldn't be a problem. It was written in assembly language.

The game will be made available for free this year.

Foreign sales: https://sordan.ie/search/?q=R3D
Sales in Poland: https://allegro.pl/oferta/astro-blox...gra-9963839809
Gameplay (tutorial levels): https://youtu.be/zwoLNYdkDho


DamienD 26 November 2020 20:10

Nice Juen :great

I have the demo and it's really cool ;)

...but you don't offer "paid for" digital download? I will purchase immediately if so.

Not interested in boxes and junk.

DamienD 26 November 2020 22:58

Thank you kindly Juen for sending the .ADF of the complete game.

As mentioned in this thread when the demo was released; love the tunes :great

amiman99 26 November 2020 23:13

Music is great!

saimon69 27 November 2020 02:12

borderline fusion house, lovely!

zzbylu 29 November 2020 21:26

Unboxing&small gameplay :)

IvanEBC 01 January 2021 10:42


Originally Posted by juen (Post 1443091)
Astro Blox Revisited
The game will be made available for free this year.

Did this happen?

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