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AMIGASYSTEM 12 September 2020 22:12

NoWinED (2012) including Sources released on Aminet

Author: Shinkuro (Gianfranco Gignina)

NoWinED 0.83 + Sources: Download

NoWinED is a cross-platform text Editor for OS3/OS4/AROS x86/MOS written in MUI capable of handling multiple files simultaneously using "pages" for each file.

Unfortunately some features of NoWinED are not present on all four operating systems, due to minimal incompatibilities. Moreover, switching from one Amiga system to another is not always possible to use the same editor programs as they may have incompatibilities.

NoWinED offers:

- Multiple file management through pages controllable by means of "Title buttons", a list and / or a convenient context menu at the right button (appears automatically when necessary) to scroll the title buttons;
- Context menus;
- Search and replacement module;
- Search within open files;
- Drag & Drop files: dragging one or more files on the NoWinED list opens the files in new pages, if you drag a file in a page then the file will be opened in the current page. Finally, if you drag multiple files on a page, then the first file will be opened on the current page and the other files on new pages (on AROS it lacks the
- Basic functions of a texteditor (c&p, select all, undo and redo, etc...).
- Support for keyboard use;
- UTF-8 support (It can load UTF files and export UTF-8 with and without BOM, or in ASCII);
- CR/LF/CR+LF support (It is able to load any type of txt file and export CR/LF/CR+LF tests);
- Intelligent n-column text truncation support;
- Support for backup of all open files configurable;
- Support for automatic saving of the current configurable file;
- Programmable function keys (Fn);
- Graphic printing;
- Present on all 4 Amiga platforms;

saimon69 13 September 2020 06:24

Is this a new release? I remember Shinkur0 working hard on this around 2010 but then for a while the silence...

AMIGASYSTEM 13 September 2020 07:16

No is a 2012 version, but yesterday it was distributed on Aminet with the sources.

lilalurl 13 September 2020 11:27

I have edited the thread title to make things clearer. Feel free to ask for other changes if needed.

AMIGASYSTEM 13 September 2020 12:23

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Thank you, your correction is fine :)

Also tested successfully on AROS 68k even if to see correctly the Menu icons you need to refresh the page, then at the end the ZUNE GUI is more appealing than the MUI versions, see screenshots

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